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Willowvale Harbor

Willowvale Road.jpg

An Urban Legend

One night in 1982, the Borough of Willowvale Harbor was suddenly and without warning, evacuated, quarantined and left to waste away. A runaway experiment rumored to have gone wrong left the small town the center of a Government cover up spanning decades. What ever happened to Willowvale Harbor? Nobody knows. This bizarre and lost town existed only in urban legends. Does Willowvale Harbor actually exist? That question has remained unanswered...until now. 

Where's Willowvale?

The Borough of Willowvale Harbor was rumored to be somewhere in Upstate New York, Pennsylvania or Maine. Though the true location of Willowvale Harbor is unknown, the speculation abounds that it either never existed, or it was destroyed, renamed or maybe even sitting abandoned and forgotten.


The Legend is True?

Urban Explorer, Video Blogger and Conspiracy Theorist, Mike Gibson explores the rumored location of the lost town of Willowvale Harbor.

Mike is given a package containing some new information about the whereabouts of the lost town. Once it is discovered that Willowvale Harbor may actually exist. He decides to investigate first hand.


Mike and Daniel

Best friends and yet polar opposites of each other.


Daniel Stonewell

Daniel works at a small advertising firm in Manhattan, living a busy professional life with little distraction from his every day world.


Mike Gibson

Mike is an EMT in Brooklyn and spends his time online searching for unusual history, the Paranormal and Supernatural. He has a reasonably successful On-line Video Blog with over 5,000 subscribers.



Finding the Truth


Mike heads off to investigate the rumored location of Willowvale Harbor. Daniel, being a hardened skeptic is the last person to believe that an entire town would go missing in modern times. To spite being invited to go along with Mike, he decides against it.

That is until he receives a frantic phone call from Mike.

Willowvale Harbor is real. Its no longer a myth and something bad has happened to Mike.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 10.57.38 PM.JPG
Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 11.05.08 PM.JPG
This town, its real. Its not a myth anymore, Dan. I was right. But something is not right about this place, I can feel it.
— Mike



Willowvale Harbor (2019)
Directed by: Tim Davis

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