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Willowvale Harbor

Currently in Production

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Collaborations and Projects

Exploring: Weird New York

An episodic paranormal documentary.

Release Date: 2006 to Current
Directed By: Tim Davis
Produced By: One Weird Media and Nox Luna Media

The Awkward Gamer

An episodic show about video games and reviews with a bit of weirdness mixed in

Release Date: 2013 to 2014
Directed By: Tim Davis
Produced By: Dean Marconi

Rise Up! The Robby Wells Story

A biographical documentary on the 2016 Presidential Candidate, Robby Wells

Release Date: 2013
Directed By: Chris Conlon
Produced By: Convericht Films and Television

Venom: Defining the Darkness

A behind the scenes look at one of the haunted attraction industry's leading lighting effects company and its people. 

Release Date:2017
Produced By: Nox Luna Media
Directed By: Tim Davis

In Captivity

You are the victim of a twisted game. Bound to a chair in a psychopathic girl's garage, you become part of her sick and demented entertainment. What did you do to deserve this?

Release Date: 2016
Produced By: Nox Luna Media
Directed By: Tim Davis

Music Videos

"Risk Me" - 2015

"These Hands" - 2016